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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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cyber monday >> we began with a developing story, 11 people have been hospitalized for potential carbon monoxide. it happened around 7:00 after responders came to the area.
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they have been unaable to find the course source of the problem. >> the people we checked with our carbon monoxiding, each had readings and went to local hospitals. >> they were called in to help investigate the source of that odor. it has been a deadly weekend, more fatal accidents and fewer dui accidents. breaking down the numbers and showing the crashes. >> reporter: this is all that is left of a bmw that crashed into a semi. on friday, another deadly accident took the lives of two
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sisters after their suv slammed into a parking ramp. jason taylor says there have been ten more fatal car crashes state-wide compared to last year. in five of the collisions, six of them were from the area. >> 13 were as a result of unbelted passengers. >> reporter: dui arrests have gone down state-wide. last year was 130 and 1,50350.
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>> officer officers are looking for vehicle the vehicle that hit a woman near the airport and struck and killed her. several other vehicles hit her after being struck and she died at the scene. it has been a deadly holiday in oakland where four people has been shot and killed since friday. two woman were shot and killed near mena and brookdale. these shootings have pushed up the number of homicides to 115. millions of americans are
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heading back hope and as scott rachel shows us that is the case at the airport. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with a spokesperson who said today's crowd has been the biggest and higher since before 9-11. 133,000 passengers through the airport and this is one line for security. lots of people in that line tonight. and everybody out here being patient. it is one of the biggest travels days of the year, after the thanksgiving feast the race is on. >> it has been long compared to normal. >> reporter: waiting and waiting. >> it is nuts, i was all the way back there.
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>> reporter: how long till the plane leaves? >> two-hours. >> reporter: more than 1.2 million fly in and out and 133,000 just today. you know it would be busy? >> yes, we did. >> reporter: the travel season is up. >> that is good news. >> reporter: with more than 43 million americans expected to travel between monday and wednesday. >> i expected this. i came earlier. authorities are investigating what caused a small plane to crash. it was on its way from nevada. the plane was forced to attempt
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to land on a soccer field. the man and woman who were on board escaped with minor injuries. back up quarterback starting and for the second week in a row victory for niners. >> there is no issue, it is clear, he is the man. smith had its time, gave his best shot, but can't hang. >> fans say he showed poised. >> he is having an amazing start, but his longevity shows.
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>> smith hasn't been forgotten. they say it is less about his performance and the concussion and more about their new quarterback rising. >> i want a quarterback who can hold to down for the san francisco 49ers. >> it is just a matter of who gives the team the best chance to win. >> i am big on the niners winning. >> he through for a touchdown and ran one in. in san francisco, cron four news. >> we will have more from the game later on. low clouds and fogs, and this is as a live view from a
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the bay bridge. and quarter mile visibility. other areas like fairfield at a quarter mile and into san rosa so it is setting in and we will see it for most of the night. clouds in the morning but giving way to sunshine by mid-morning and mostly sunny for the rest of the day. for tuesday, it will be a transition day, fair to stormy weather. wednesday we have a rain storm coming in for the morning and we will get a break into the afternoon and thursday but more rain after that. investigators have a possible cause for the explosion
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that leveled a strip club. and a florida woman in hot water after caught riding a manetee on camera.
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>> a san francisco couple is awaiting the review of marriage benefits for same-sex couples. they are challenging the law that prevents the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages. she tried to add her wife to her employers health care plan and it was denied. she was ordered to receive the benefits because it was unconstitutional. these are pictures of a
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woman swimming on a manatee, an endangered species, she told deputies she didn't know it was illegal. the video of flames ripping through a vessel and how everyone escaped.
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>> in national florida woman is being accused of willing her husband and living the body for weeks. the body of her husband was found in the laundry room. it was discovered friday after the family members were suspicious when she showed up without the husband. the couple reportedly has a history of domestic violence. human error is partly to blame for an explosion. a worker accidently hit a metal pipe with a probe while looking for the source of the leak.
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the pipe was incorrectly marked. >> following standard practice, put the probe in the ground and struck the surface. but i don't see any change or deviation from the standards. that doesn't mean we shouldn't go back and look at it. >> 18 people were hurt in the blast. two firefighters are hurt fighting a five-alarm fire that burned through an entire block. it broke out about 15 miles from boston. 30 people are displaced and five others are unaccounted for. a boat catches on fire three files off the beach.
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>> the entire boat was engulfed. >> it was on the way back, when it suddenly bursted into flame. the three people on board escaped without injury. despite the efforts, the boat sank into the water. it has been a nice holiday weekend weather wise, but it is about to change in two-day when the rain is here. it looks like the rain will be around for 5-6-days. temperature in the 50s in san francisco, and 40s for san jose and red wood city.
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clear skies and low levels have fog and visibility at a quarter of a mile and the fog is going to continue being a problem in the morning. so you may need extra time. this is a pacific storm that will produce rain and gusty winds of 40-mile per hour. that system moves through and we have a break with shattered shower and by thursday evening, another storms and we will see a series of systems for friday-sunday and we could see a lot of rain fall and strong winds from friday-sunday and one of the models suggesting 4-8 inches of rain for thursday
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sunday. we have a coastal clouds, but mostly sunny. and on tuesday, we will note increasing clouds from the storm beginning to approach. there is a rain for tuesday night, around midnight it is still offshore, but morning commute wednesday look for it to ent the picture. look for the fog tomorrow, highs for the afternoon mostly in the 60s but 50s at the coast. here is the seven-day forecast around the bay. tuesday is the transition day, wednesday, morning rain and the bulk comes from thursday night all the way through sunday.
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it will be pretty wet. >> could we see a changing of the guard for the 49ers? and the airing the frustration against the bengals. jason has that and much more in sports next. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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>> could the smith era be over? kaepernick is making second start and passing to mario and getting the 40 yard -yard gain. he seems to be putting up big plays. keeps it is scores the fourth rushing touchdown. here is a bad play, saints recover on the 11-yard lane and no time, 14-7 new orleans. and about 40 seconds to go before the half, kaepernick is kicked off with his first
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interception with the 49ers. brooks intercepts and gets a 50-yard touchdown and ties the game. so the game is tied at half and kaepernick says thank forgetting me off. they never looked back. 47 seconds later, they all but ice it, big hit on his head but he is okay. and whitner weaves through traffic for another touchdown and the first time they have had two pick touchdowns in a game. they improve to 8-2-1. the rams on sunday next up.
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the radars seem to be getting worse. palmar was booed on his return. he was sacked four time and 146 yards passing only. and the great one-handed grab. . hooking up again and bengals up 21-0. the game is already decide and it got ugly. right in the middle and pushing and shoving. whitworth involved and all three player get ejected. they have given up 42 point per
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game during their four-game loosing streak. sprinklers going off and the players got a kick out of it and a refreshment. the crowd liked it. the 49ers have a two and a half game lead. and two cheerleaders shaved their heads for honor and raise money for cancer. the colts beat the bills. the direct television championship game, bears improving to 6-0 but the big story is kaepernick. that is it tonight. >> nice day to watch football.
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it was beautiful, but that is clearing? >> yes, fog tonight and rain on wednesday and a series of storms coming in and lots of wet weather and strong winds. make sure the umbrella is ready. >> thank thanks for that. for v a goodhave a good day and see you in the morning.
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